How old are you?

Do you have Daddy issues?
My father’s dead.

You spelled “woman,” or “human” wrong.
No, that was intentional. I spell them “womyn” and “humyn” because I don’t want to be thought of as an alternate version of men.

By disassociating ourselves from from this sexist word, we take a step closer to equality.

Do you support the PoC movement?
Yes, I highly support it.I am a white womyn, and I acknowledge my white privileges. I try my best to help my PoC sisters.

Why haven’t you answered my question?
Because I have 5,000+ asks. Chances are, I haven’t seen it.

Have you ever been raped?
 Thankfully, no.

Do you hate Jews?

Why can’t men be raped?
The use of prejudiced power to sexually control someone. 

 A social system in which the male is the primary authority figure central to social organization and the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property, and where fathers hold authority over womyn and children

What do men in Western Society Have?
The patriarchy and power over womyn. Womyn are raped more often than men. Because the majority of the raped community are womyn, and most rapists are male, it’s derailing to focus on the small percentage of men who are sexually abused.

When men rape other men, they are using the patriarchy against themselves because there weren’t any womyn in that moment to control.

Why are you okay with some misandry?
Men have more power than womyn. Womyn have less power than men. To reach equilibrium, men must be brought down, and womyn must be brought up.

Do you want a matriarchy?
No. I want equality.

Thoughts on porn?
The idea of what pornography is? Empowering.

What pornography actually is? The most misogynistic, demeaning, embarrassing industry to exist.

You think womyn are being paid good money to have sex for fun? Hell no. Sure, the posterchild stars are, but they represent such a small percentage of all the womyn involved in pornography. Womyn porn actresses are usually raped, subjected to unsanitary working conditions, put at risk for disease, given horrible drugs just to get through the scene, and are manipulated into the industry.

The worst part is the porn producers market certain values and ideals to young men, to make them misogynistic and have a certain, unrealistic image of womyn that isn’t true.

I highly recommend reading these posts, they explain everything I’ve just said in detail with links. Trigger Warning: Lot’s of rape.