Anonymous asked:
"Did you ever get fully into the role of a SJA by sending yourself hate asks?"

Haha, nope. Trust me, I have enough to chose from.

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Anonymous asked:
"You do know that a guy can rape a guy? And even a girl can rape a guy. XDDD"

"people can be raped xDDDDDDDDDD"


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Anonymous asked:
"You had me you motherfucker. Hahahaha."


Anonymous asked:
"ignitionpoint is an intactivist. i never thought i'd see the day! -hugs for believing in ownership of ones body lots of love-"

-hugs back-

Anonymous asked:
"I only found this blog after you revealed it to be a troll blog/experiment.... But I congratulate you on pulling off such a believeable character"

I’m actually really bad at roleplaying.


Anonymous asked:
"you're a fucking idiot"


Anonymous asked:
"I've checked your blog daily for like, ages. Since the rape post, I think. I like new Anna more than the old one, it's nice to find someone who is level-headed and honest. I don't always agree with you, but that's better than you just saying what will appease everyone. By the way, even intermittent updates>none at all. I am happy your blog exists and hope you keep it up :)"


jequitakoyama replied to your post:

Why are you answering old questions you already came out :P

To show the hypocrisy in some of the older asks I received.

Anonymous asked:
"Wait so do you think porn should be illegal"

No, not at all. But I think something needs to be done about the amount of abuse in porn.

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tagging your hate is like going to a pasta convention and screaming that you don’t like pasta. you can sit there and argue, “but it’s not a pasta lover’s convention and it did have to do with pasta!” but how many people go to a pasta convention that don’t like pasta?

a tag is more like a discussion about said topic

it doesnt have to all be positive, it doesnt have to all be negative

its just a discussion 


Anonymous asked:
"Wow. You are so fucking cool this is amazing, so intricate I totally believed you were Anna haha"

I’m amazed people believed me haha

Anonymous asked:
"I figured you were depressed because, well, you came out and took the flak. And you didn't seem to really.. care. I dunno. I've come to really like you over the months but then I guess that's odd of me since I don't really know you, right? ha."

Millions of fan girls obsess over people they’ve never met, don’t worry, you’re fine.

And I’m okay. Really!

Anonymous asked:
"Do you ever get people saying you look like anyone famous?"


Anonymous asked:
"I really like you. AND YOUR EXPERIMENT CONFIRMED EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE AND FEMINISM. I enjoyed looking through it and seeing what generated what reaction. If you do leave this blog someday will you leave it up so people can look through it?"

I think so.